What You Can Do To Avoid Other Boats On The Water

Unlike roads, water bodies do not have any painted lines or any stop signs to guide you away from the traffic that is very present on the water. Boats move in every direction on the water, and that is why, it is very important for you to follow all of the safe boating practises and, you should know how to properly steer clear of other boats, so that you can minimise any risks of accidents. In this guide, I am going to be pointing out some safety tips that will help you avoid accidents when you’re out on the water.

1. Firstly and most importantly, you should take a boating safety class. It is important to learn and also to understand the different signals and the menu words which are used and employed while you are boating. A good place to start is by taking a safety course and, this can be a crash course as well. You just have to do it for a couple of months. Then, you need to write an exam, to prove that you have learned everything you need. Even if a particular state does not require for you to take a course, you should do so, for your own safety and for the safety of others who are on the boat. In addition, you should know how fast you need to go and, you need to know if you should be travelling on certain days when the weather is a little off.

2. You should learn how to signal with your horn. Using horn signals is sure is that way to notify other people who are in the water that you are in the vicinity. One short blast should be used when you are crossing parts near another boat. The signal means that you are planning on passing the boat. If you are behind another boat and if you’re about to pass it, one quick on or one blast will signify that you are on the starboard side.


If you make use of two short blasts, it is actually the opposite of one short blast. It means that you will be passing them on their left side. Three short blast will let the others know that you are backing up. If you make use of five or more blasts of the hon, it would mean that you are signalling to them that it is unsafe. A prolonged blast or a long blast of the horn means that you are leaving the dock.

3. Boat horns are really loud, and, they can be used to avoid most accidents that could possibly happen in the water.

4. I cannot stress this enough; you should absolutely avoid high speeds, especially in the night time. You should maintain a safe speed at all times, but at night, you should be extra careful. You already know what happened to the titanic. Boating is a very fun activity, but you should do so very carefully.


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