The Best Boating Destinations : USA Edition

In this article, I have handpicked certain locations in the United States of America that are fantastic for boating activities. You will have an amazing time if you take your boat out to these places. Check out our list of some of the best boating locations. This has been presented in absolutely no hierarchical order.

1.The first one that I would like to talk about is the San Juan Islands. For island hopping, you will definitely have to head to this place. You will find some amazing palm trees and tropical fish. You will also be able to spot some killer whales. The sea life here is absolutely spectacular, and you will find some really tasty seafood as well.

2. Next, I would like to talk about San Francisco. You will find some really cold winds in the San Francisco Bay area but, it is a wonderful place to set sail on a boat. You will see the fantastic skyline of San Francisco and, you can sail past the Golden Gate Bridge.

3. Lake Tahoe is the next one on this list. If you want to see pristine blue waters and, if you want to ride around in a boat while also seeing some majestic views of mountain ranges that are covered with ice, Lake Tahoe is the place to go. You will be able to swim around in this freshwater lake that has been preserved for a really long time. You have a lot of opportunities to rent boats here as well. If you own a port, you will have to transport there yourself. There are a lot of places near the lake that will let you rent the airport. The best part about boating around in Lake Tahoe is that you will be able to enter some lagoons that are absolutely pristine and opulent.

Best Boating DestinationsThe fresh air will make you happy that you are there. You should definitely add this to your bucket list, if you are ever in California. Another added bonus is that you can access casinos since Lake Tahoe is located on the border of the state of California and the State of Nevada.

4. The Isle Royal National Park is the next one that I would like to mention. It is the second-largest island in the Great Lakes, and Isle Royal can be found on Lake Superior. The park is actually a wonderful archipelago of 400 islands that is open from May to October every single year. You will be docking or even anchoring overnight in these wonderful waters. If you are going to be diving in the water, you will have to bring your own wet suits, because the water can be really cold. You will also be able to explore a lot of shipwrecks.

5. The next one on this list is South Florida. If we are speaking about fishing, the eastern coast of Florida is certainly the hub of fishing. It also has some wonderful waters that will give you a great experience.

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