Some Common Safety Tips For Boating That Everyone Must Know

It is essential to ensure the safety of you and your crew at all times, especially when you are into the boating life. It doesn’t matter whether you have passengers on board or if you are sailing solo; as long as you are engaging in such activities, safety should be the first priority every single time. Following some of these common safety instructions will lead you to having a lot of fun while also ensuring your safety. It will keep you ready for emergencies and accidental situations that may or may not occur.

Always make sure to check the weather before you set sail. It is advisable to keep track of the weather beforehand, and make your plans accordingly. The perfect conditions for you to head out would be during a warm sunny day. In case you notice a storm or other unusual behaviour in the weather, it is best if you consider going another time.

Since it is acceptable for alcohol to be on boats, the driver must not indulge himself into activities of drink and sailing. It is considered illegal to drink and sail. Moreover, you will be risking your whole crew’s life as well as your own. There have been reports of many accidents that have occurred when sailors are under alcohol influence. You may face difficulty controlling the boat due to blurred vision or imbalance because of the turbulence. It makes things much more complicated and life-threatening.

You must always develop the habit of carrying emergency gear when you are heading out on adventurous territories. You must always have a life jacket on, be it a crew member or any number of passengers on board, they should all have a PLV (personal life vest). In addition, things like a duct tape, knife, whistles, pocket compass, torch, mirror, fire starter, a fire extinguisher can come in real handy, especially in emergency situations. Even carrying a bucket would be of great help if water enters the vessel.

It is especially important to carry ropes. Check your ladders before you leave, because they are important to help someone get back on board if they have gone over.
It is integral to always have full control over your speed. It would be best if you were not over speeding in the recommended slow zones or in any congested areas either. Moreover, you must be ready to slow down at any moment.

You never know the unpredictable situations that you may encounter while you are sailing. If you are at high speeds, there is a possibility of you colliding with another boat and your passengers’ lives will be endangered. Various accidents take place in situations like these. Hence you must always be vigilant for any situations that may come up and ensure to maintain your speed.


To conclude, when you are prepared to be on the water, you should have your boat checked out regularly, because you have no idea how a boat would have aged while being in the water. You need to make sure that all of the motor mechanisms are adequately inspected.

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