How To Properly Pack For A Trip On A Boat?

Last year, because for the coronavirus pandemic took over the entire world, I went on an amazing boarding trip. This was definitely outside of my comfort zone. This summer, I was planning on going on another boat trip around the Great Barrier Reef, but, the COVID-19 pandemic ruined all of my plans. After spending a couple of days on a boat with other passengers, I learned a lot of things.

There are a lot of rules when it comes to packing, especially when you’re going out to the sea. Even on many popular cruising ships, the space is sort of limited. You should not bring a bag filled with stuff that you are not going to use. You need to make sure that every single bag that you carry is filled with things that you need every single day. You should think carefully about what goes in your bag and what is going to stay back in your house. In this guide, I am going to be talking about how you can properly pack for a boating trip.

1. Firstly, you should always consider very smart clothing options. There are so many fabrics out there that will dry quickly. You need to invest in these fabrics. You will definitely go swimming and, you will need a couple of extra bathing suits. They don’t exactly dry quickly in the humid ocean air and, if you want to avoid the feeling of putting on a wet bathing suit, get multiple ones. Make sure that you avoid packing clothes that are light coloured. Light coloured clothes are usually see-through when they are wet. That is why, dark coloured clothes or better, if you don’t want your clothes to be see-through.

Trip On A Boat

2. You need to make sure that you pack water-friendly and win friendly accessories. If you want to prevent sun exposure on very hot days, you need to pack sunscreen. Flip-flops are definitely great but, if you are going to wear flip-flops, you will have to put sunscreen on your feet. You should also pack some sunglasses.

3. You should be absolutely certain that you are energised and hydrated. Because of sun exposure and also the time you spend in the saltwater, you could get very dehydrated on a boat. Sipping water every now and then will make sure that you are properly hydrated. If you are feeling famished, make sure that you keep with you a bag of Trail mix and some protein bars so that they will prevent you from getting cranky and hungry.

Trip On A Boat

4. You should definitely not forget about entertainment. Entertainment will be required, because you may be out of Wi-Fi service or cell service. Make sure that you download a couple of movies or a couple of TV shows on your devices, so that you can watch them when you have empty time, where you are doing nothing.

5. You need to be properly prepared for the possibility of motion sickness. That is why, you should carry some Dramamine.

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