How To Be A Good Captain/Leader On A Boat

You should always keep in mind to stay relaxed on the boat. If you are somebody who is in charge, everyone will look to you for guidance and leadership. A bad attitude is something that can upset the day for everybody who is on the boat. If something is going wrong, you have to respond calmly. You have to respond to the situation in a professional manner as well.

Recently, one of my nephews actually dropped our unattached anchor into the ocean. I could definitely see the annoyance rise in myself, but, I made sure to stay calm. Instead of losing my mind about the situation, I thought about what I can do about it. I made sure to teach him the responsibility of things on the boat. Especially when there are children on the boat, you need to make sure that they know everything there is about boat safety. They should know what to touch and what not to touch on the boat. Otherwise, you will face situations like this.

You should always plan ahead. Nothing is less fun than sitting on a very hot boat without the basic supplies like water and sunscreen. You will need some food as well. Make sure that you are stocked up on water and food. Rushing into a lake or an ocean, and prepared is the worst thing that you can do. Planning ahead will make you a good captain or leader.


Make sure that everybody on the boat has a voice. You should take the opinions of everybody who is on the boat. It can be your family members or friends; everybody deserves to express their opinions about how the whole experience is going. They need to know what to do and what not to do as well. If they need to go somewhere, you need to hear them out.

There is probably a reason why they are insisting on going to a particular place. If it is not possible, you need to let them know that it is impossible due to certain impossible circumstances that can be problematic. If a person wants to go to a dangerous part of the lake, you need to tell them that it is incredibly dangerous because of the weather and water conditions in that particular part of the water body. If you let them talk, and if you let them have a voice, and they will feel hurt, and you will also be doing a good job as a captain.


You should be ready to transfer out of the main seat in the boat, because others will also want to try it. They are going to ask for a chance to sit in the helm seat. They will definitely want to drive the boat. More often than not, a lot of people who are on about will want to drive it. They will want to have that experience. Instead of saying no, you can teach them what to do and what not to do. They will definitely be happier.

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