A Boat Checklist : Necessities For Your Boating Trip

If you are like Rachel Green from FRIENDS, you will know that boating is not exactly an activity that you should take lightly. If you are a boat savant, you will know that there is a checklist of things that you will need on a boat. In this guide, I am going to be talking about all of the pre-departure necessities and accessories that you will need. This checklist will be a necessity, before you set off into the sunset. No matter what kind of boating that you do, you will need all these things on the boat.

1. Firstly, you will require all kinds of safety gear. Safety gear is definitely the number one thing on every single checklist. The Coast Guard has mandated certain gear that you will need. That is why, you will need to pack these things beforehand.

Boating Trip

2. You will need provisions, depending on how long you are gone. This would include food, drinks, water, juices, and more. Extra water is certainly always important, because there is a good chance that you might get dehydrated on very hot days. Never try and drink salt water. It is also great if you have some fresh watermelon, oranges or even yoghurt, because these things will give you a blast of energy whenever you need it. Some other important requirements would be suntan lotion, bug repellent, sunscreen and more.

3. You will certainly be needing some extra lines. Extra lines will always come in handy, when you least end of expecting it. You may actually decide to raft up with a friend or even go to a waterfront restaurant which has a pier. That is when you will need extra lines.

4. You should definitely carry one or two knives. You will probably face one or two issues when you are in the water. Sometimes, rope, thick seaweed, fishing lines can get wrapped up in the boat propeller. If you have a knife, you will be easily cutting it free. If you don’t have any accessories to cut off the seaweed or the fishing nets, you will have to be towed. Towing your boat will definitely be a hassle, so just pack a couple of knives.

Boating Trip

5. You will need all of the basic cleaning supplies. You will need some detergent, scrubbers and more. Things like juice, wine, beer or some food sources could get spelt on the deck. You will need certain cleaning supplies to get the stains off.

6. You will need an anchor. Without an anchor, your boat could definitely be in trouble. An anchor is certainly considered as an essential safety gear. If you break down, you can call for a towing service. And anchor will literally anchor you to your position, so that other boards can easily find you.

Boating Trip

7. You will also be needing all of the proper documentation for the port. Make sure that you have the necessary board registrations and licences along with personal identification documents.
These are all of the basic things that you will need to set sail.

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